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Neches Insurance - the leading provider of commercial insurance.

About Neches Insurance


Neches Insurance is based on experience in the commercial/industrial field. With years of estimating and managing of projects of all different sizes. We built a foundation in the commercial industry and know what makes a business prosper. Whether it is dealing with safety manuals or third party compliance companies to secure a job. We know and will handle the whole operation.

We pride our agency with locating the best and most cost effective insurance companies in the market. We love for our customer to tell us how much money we were able to save them. We streamline the quoting process and you always speak to a live agent during the purchase, claim and payment process.


Service is Key - We often tell people we do not sell insurance. We sell customer service and the insurance is just an added benefit. We understand that the insurance is only as good as the service that is provided to the client. That is why we guarantee good service with every insurance policy.

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